Her teachers must love you..

I got to work the early shift this morning. Which means that we were swamped with customers getting their morning caffeine before going to work. Also, did not know this, parents need to get coffee for their kiddos. The reason I don’t know this is because I never ever thought of that. It would never occur to me that my child would need a drink before school.

A woman comes in with her daughter. It’s busy, it’s morning, just trying to keep it moving. She has her daughter, little girl, 9 or 10, order what she wants. She wants a blended drink. Great, I ASSUME, wrongly and without asking, that she wants a creme based not coffee based.

The woman immediately got irate.. “I didn’t say creme based I said coffee based”. OK, I’ll fix that in our system, no problem. I wasn’t fast enough, because she got more and more belligerent about the coffee base. No, lady, I got it. You want your kid caffeinated But, oh no, she wasn’t done. The kid just wanted the blended drink, ordered it, walked away.  When I fixed the drink in our system, then the mom started again. She wants that with whipped cream BLENDED IN, she wants that BLENDED 3TIMES. She wants caramel drizzle in a CIRCLE AROUND THE TOP AND NOT IN THE MIDDLE.  What??

You’re kid is like 10. She just wanted a simple drink. You just added all that bullshit for no reason. Your daughter can’t tell the difference. WTF. You are just being a pain about her CAFFEINATE, SUGARY beverage. Now you’re sending her off to school all hopped up on crap. Her teachers must appreciate the fact you’re keeping your daughter hydrated in the morning.

Kids naturally have endless energy. Adults want to bottle that shit because we’re tired all the time.

I am not a perfect parent. And I want my daughter to grow up a strong, independent woman. But if I belittle a batista at a coffee shop, what exactly am I teaching her? That service workers are beneath us? That it’s fun to pull power trips on people, even if it is small and petty? If I heard my kid make up some bullshit nonsense of an order like that, she would get no coffee. No one is entitled to be ridiculous at other people’s expenses.

That lady stood at the end of the bard to make sure that the drink was made EXACTLY how she wanted. And reiterated it several times. We got it. You’re all powerful, we’re lowly servants. Thank you for your patronage.



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