It’s the black speaker looking thing..

I’m new to working the drive thru window, but not to the drive thru process. I believe that in the year 2016 almost everyone knows how it works, but let me break it down.

You pull your car thru the lane that says DRIVE THRU, there might even be an arrow or sign. There might be a line so you may have to wait. You will come to a menu board, speaker box (box that has holes in it, might look like a speaker), STOP THERE.  You will hear a voice asking for your order. Tell them what you want to order. After you have given your order, the voice will direct you to drive to the window to pay and receive your order.

Pretty simple. Most people get the hang of it. However, there are some who just drive right by and order at the window. Ummmm, that’s not how this works. And to ask me “Oh, did I miss the the speaker?”, then you recognize the process and chose to ignore it.  Do you not like to talk into the box? Are you afraid of it? It makes no sense to me. And yes, I judge you a little because you don’t follow proper protocol. Do the rules apply to everyone BUT you?

I have been to many drive thru in my day. And there is nothing more frustrating than waiting in line forever for your order. This is part of the problem. Another part is some idiot who gets to the speaker and doesn’t know what they want and they ask 50 questions before ordering. Listen, if you wait in line, stare at the menu board and still don’t know what you want, get out of line. You obviously can’t handle the drive thru process. Also, it’s McDonald’s or Chik fil a, how do you not know what you want?

I believe that if people can’t handle a simple drive thru, they shouldn’t be allowed to pick our next president. Seriously, if that is too difficult, I cant trust these people to make good decisions. They obviously are confused about life, need some lessons and need to take a test to prove you’re smart enough to go through a drive thru with confidence.

I will smile and help you, but in my head I think you’re ridiculous. Get yourself together.


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