On the Fly

The drive thru gives us a lot of entertainment. Most of us have headsets so we can all hear the customer and help out if need be.  Example: if a customer orders drinks AND food, one person takes the order, one barista starts the drinks and another gets food.

This definitely helps out during our rush hours. We have the before work rush, that’s a couple hours because not everyone starts work at the same time. We have a mini mid-morning rush, that’s the rush after preschool, workouts, etc… Then there’s the lunch, after school, after work crowdy.

We try to move as fast as we can to move our customers through the lines quickly. Inevitably however, it never goes smoothly for very long. Undoubtedly if you’ve ever been thru the drive thru and are stuck there FOREVER, here’s a couple reasons why.

If you see that our line of cars is out to the street, and you choose to get in the line anyway, you have lost all rights to complain about the wait. Obviously we are busy, obviously our drive thru is overwhelmed, get out of your car and go inside.  The line is usually shorter. Also, if you’re going to make life difficult for everyone and demand things that take a little time, go inside.

Dont come thru the drive thru and order a bag of coffee ground into a specific size. It’s kind of time consuming and there are people behind you that just want coffee. It’s rude to those behind you in line.

If a customer brings their own cup and orders coffee, they you get a .10 discount off your drink. Most people come inside to do this. If one does this in the drive thru, we can’t start making the drink until they get to the window and hand us the cup.

When a person spends a lot of time waiting for the line to move, hopefully that by the time they actually get to order, they would have figured out what they wanted. Yeah, that sometimes doesn’t happen. It’s amazing the amount of people who order, get to the window,  get their drinks and order another. That’s when we use the term On The Fly. It means there is someone at the window, and we need the drink ASAP and on the fly.

I’m not sure really where I was going with this  but needless to say, I don’t understand people. Personally I think it’s rude to not be cognizant of others and their time during the rush. If I needed 20 gift cards I wouldn’t ask for that in the drive thru, I would go inside. Am I just too polite for the world I live in. Everyone is always looking out for themselves, never realizing there are people who have lives and didn’t plan on getting stuck behind some lady ordering 5 drinks, then at the window needs another 2.



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