Did. You. Just. Roll. Your. Eyes. At. Me?

We now live in an age where social media rules and people like to be nasty behind a keyboard. Example…me, I’m writing a sarcastic blog because people irritate me.

Anywayihatepeople, sometimes people forget they aren’t behind their keyboard and are just rude to your face. OR maybe they do realize it and are just nasty anyway. Doesn’t really matter because rude is rude, no matter the reason.

As many of you know, smacking rude people is unacceptable behavior and I would get fired.  And I cannot control my WTF face when people get ugly. I try but honestly there is no hiding it.

Lately people have been rolling their eyes at me. Really? If I wont take that shit from my child what makes you think I’m going to tolerate it from you rude people. Also, you better have a damn good reason to roll those eyes at me. Let me check…Ohhhhh, nope. Your reasons are ridiculous.

We’re busy in the morning. The busiest store in our immediate area. Drive thru constantly out to the street, lines inside are always long.  We have 2 ovens and 3 Espresso machines. We do things in order received. So when a man rudely interrupts me while I’m making a drink to “just throw a sandwich in the oven for him”, sorry buddy, aint happening. But, THANKS for the nasty attitude and eye roll.

I, too, think you are so special, however, my food person doesn’t understand your specialness and I would totally get yelled at for putting you in as priority over the people who have been waiting 10 minutes.  Please know I cherish every inch of your awesomeness, but right now you’re a douche so get out of my face.

I also understand that people spend a lot of money on their coffee, so yes I want to get your drink correct. I’m not messing it up on purpose. However, when one of your requests is “extra hot”, then you add cold creamer to it, the coldness of the creamer brings down the temperature.

So, awful lady in drive thru, when I hand you your coffee and you state “I can tell you right now this isn’t extra hot”, I offered to make you a new one.  Instead you chose to roll your eyes at me in disgust. Ok, lets do this….let me pour this in your lap and you can tell me if its hot enough.

Here’s a tip for you “extra hot-ers” out there. We push a button on the machine for an extra hot temp. I, personally, am not in the back with a kettle filling all the cups with extra hot water. Perhaps our thermometer is broken and we are unaware. But being an asshole about it just makes you look mean and we remember you for the next time you come in.

Think on that for a while.





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