Let’s Boycott EVERYTHING


OhMyGod.  YES. We obviously need to boycott things we know nothing about. Damn Starbucks and their need to help out other countries that sell their coffee.  Screw the damn Veterans and homeless GLOBALLY.

So let me get this straight, you want to boycott a company and demand that they hire homeless and Veterans at the same time. So, in the long run, enough people boycott, Starbucks starts laying off and now everyone is out of a job? I cant even comprehend the stupid ass logic in that mess.

Also, I’m not sure everyone understands the hiring process and what exactly it takes to get a job at Starbucks, (or any other damn food service industry that’s hiring, BTW).

The first step is to apply. Yep. It’s that simple. So crazy, right?  Who knew? “What?? I can get a job interview if I apply??”.  But its this very first step that confounds people. You see you cant get a job if you don’t apply for it. Silly, I know, but companies aren’t running around the streets looking for veterans or homeless who may or may not want a job.

However if veterans want a job at Starbucks, they have to apply, just like everyone else.  Do you think that they should let anyone come through the front door, say “I’m a Vet” and BOOM, automatic job? On the plus side to all of this is that Starbucks treats it Veteran partners really well. But no one wants to hear that, they just want to hate and boycott.

It was announced that Howard Schultz was stepping down. He announced that in December. Of course the same people who boycotted think they made a difference. Cute. No. Also when are you going to realize that your boycotts of everything are welcomed by the rest of us.

Not sure if anyone caught that the 10,000 were to be hired GLOBALLY. Do we have an overabundance of American homeless and Veterans abroad somewhere that we are unaware of? Or is it just that people feel the need to be self righteous about shit.

I stay away from those people.







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